Accessories, Packing and Delivery -

So that every thing comes together nicely


Our accessory ranges – entirely HELIMA

Everything you need to construct high quality insulating glass solutions

We supply the matching accessories to all the profiles in our ranges. The high demands that you rightly place on our products are also satisfied by all our accessory parts.

The entire modular system ensures a high degree of dimensional accuracy as well as trouble-free processing and high productivity – both in manual production operations as well as on all production machinery available on the market.

Longitudinal, corner or cross connectors for stainless steel, aluminium or plastic profiles: as with all our spacer bars, the
accessory parts either satisfy or exceed the relevant quality and safety standards. And in association with HELIMA
products, our proven system warranty applies.

An over view of data and facts

  • For precise, automatic or manual processing
  • Perfect processing on all production machinery available on the market
  • Guarantee for simple system adaptability
  • Simple handling
  • Precise size accuracy
  • High retaining forces (grip)
  • 100 % avoidance of desiccant waste (with longitudinal and corner connectors)
  • Longitudinal connectors with desiccant pass-through openings or desiccant stop
  • Specially selected materials (plastic, stainless steel)
  • Perfect fit for all applications thanks to high product diversity
  • Certification: comprehensive testing and certifications ensure that all relevant quality requirements, safety standards and customer demands are satisfied

The right Product for every Application

A delivery program that knows no gaps

Longitudinal connector (plastic)
Longitudinal connector (steel)
Corner connector, rigid (plastic)
Corner connector, rigid (steel)
Corner connector, flexible (plastic)
Corner connector, flexible (steel)
Corner connector for manual gas filling
(plastic with or without bore hole)
Sealing plugs for above-mentioned corner angles
Air pressure equalising valve (sleeve and matching plugs)


Artisting Glanzing Muntin Bar
Cross connector
Aluminium plates for above-mentioned
cross connector
Patent connector for above-mentioned
cross connector
Clip patent connector for above-mentioned
cross connector
Milling connector with steel pin
Patent connector for above-mentioned
Stapling anchor
Disc connector with screw (plastic)
End caps
Edge joint
Embossing pliers for patent connector
Supporting stamp for clip patent connector
Buffer for cross connector


Packing and Delivery

Every thing you need – inside and out

Anyone ordering from HELIMA is provided with a logistic service that fully matches the high product quality. We take care of everything for you – there is practically nothing that customers need to do after placing an order. In this respect, HELIMA will gladly take any individual needs regarding warehousing or processing into account.

Wherever the delivery is bound for: rapid processing, short distances and low costs are always in focus. The customer need not worry until it reaches their dock. You can be sure that your order will be safely delivered as ordered so processing operations can begin immediately.

Essential features and benefits

  • Flexible order processing in line with customer requirements
  • Various profile lengths available on request
  • Stackable packaging in a container / box / crate, collared
  • Customer-individual dispatch (from inexpensive standard transportation to air freight shipments)
  • Transport documentation and necessary delivery coding as per INCOTERMS
  • Short and flexible delivery periods
  • Free of charge delivery for minimum order quantities