the spacer bar made of aluminium

A classic that sets the standard



Standard or custom-made: in great diversity and with all our experience

Whether as a bendable standard profile, a customerspecific development to meet special requirements, as a product for the insertion segment or specially pre-treated for use in customized panes – each of our modern aluminium spacer bars is packed with decades of HELIMA experience!

Our profiles are available in a wide variety that offer an optimum cross section for the most IG applications. They are manufactured by using a high frequency welding process. This technology not only ensures optimum rigidity and a long-term stability of the seam, but it also provides a very high weld quality.

The individual colours and surface coatings are applied using an in-house coil coating process and then baked at temperatures above 230 °C to remove volatiles that would result in out gassing and fogging in the IGU. Great attention is paid during manufacturing to having absolute cleanliness and no paint in the butyling area. This ensures a proper
bond in both the primary and secondary sealant so the IGU that the insulation glass elements are securely sealed.

HELIMA ALUTEC spacer bars can be easily processed on all bending machines and are available in all conventional industrial dimensions and packaging.

AluTec – Quality in series

The following product series are available in the AluTec range

Series S

Standard profiles for modern insulating glass manufacture

Series F

Coloured spacer bars finished in a coil coating process

Series W

Specially pre-treated spacer bars for individual use in the customised pane segment

Series V

Duplex profiles for windows with glazing bars

An overview of data and facts

  • Low production tolerances for the profile dimensions: manufacturing implemented with digital measuring instruments along with statistical process controls (SPC)
  • Surface quality: suitable for the application of conventional sealants
  • Processing (bending): the most “bendable” spacer on the market. This is achieved through the use of specific raw materials as well as the continual monitoring and control of the manufacturing parameters
  • Perforation (diffusion openings): the profiles are suitable for pre-filling or post-filling with
    drying agents Fogging: avoided by baking
  • temperatures above 230 °C (446 °F), prevent formation of mould and condensation
  • Weld seam quality: absolutely closed, gas-impermeable weld seam thanks to high frequency welding technology; any undesired sources of error are eliminated by the integrated current testing systems
  • Spacer Edge Cleanliness and coating colour/paint-free: secure sealing of the butyl flanks
  • Customer-specific products: individual colour and surface finishes using the company’s own coil coating facility
  • Certification: comprehensive testing and certifications ensure that all relevant quality requirements, safety standards and customer demands are satisfied 

Widths Available

H 6,6 mm
A SZR 6 mm SZR 8 mm SZR 9 mm
SZR 10 mm SZR 12 mm SZR 13 mm
SZR 14 mm SZR 15 mm SZR 16 mm
SZR 18 mm SZR 20 mm SZR 22 mm
SZR 24 mm SZR 26 mm SZR 27 mm
SZR 29 mm SZR 32 mm  

More sizes on request

A x D SZR 10x18 mm SZR 10x20 mm SZR 10x24 mm
SZR 10x30 mm SZR 12x18 mm SZR 12x20 mm
SZR 12x24 mm SZR 12x30 mm SZR 12x34 mm

More sizes on request

User Benefits

  • A comprehensive programme of practical dimensions
  • Individual special dimensions can be easily implemented
  • The range of standard colours as well as special colours (all RAL colour tones) can be produced
  • Easy to process on all bending equipment and machinery
  • Highly productive insulating glass manufacture with exact fitting connecting connectors
  • HELIMA’s long-term delivery and system warranty

Standard Colours

Blank Pure white Black (matt)
  RAL 9010 RAL 9005
Bronze Pearl white Black brown
E6/C33 RAL 1013 RAL 8022
Dark bronze Light gray Sepia brown
E6 /C34 RAL 7035 RAL 8014

More colours on request

Packing and delivery

  • Profile lengths of ALUTEC spacer bars 6 m, other lengths available on request
  • Duplex profiles 5 m, other lengths available on request
  • All delivery modes available (from inexpensive standard transportation to air freight shipments)
  • Transport documentation and necessary delivery coding as per IN COTERMS
  • Short and flexible delivery periods
  • Further information (e. g. calculation support for packing quantities) can be found at