Individual Design elements

self-developed, manufactured to a high-quality standard


Creative, state-of-the-art design diversity

Both for the refurbishment of old buildings as well as for modern homes – HELIMA muntin bars have that certain some thing

Windows with glazing bars convey style and comfort yet they still have to satisfy the high demands placed on functionality and energy efficiency. As an innovative market leader, HELIMA offers both with its muntin bar systems. At a first glance, the great diversity of design possibilities becomes immediately apparent. Available in a wide range of materials and colours, glass elements fitted with our muntin bars produce strong design effects and bestow a unique as well as unmistakable visual appearance on every object.

At the same time, they also stand for stability, dimensional accuracy and durability – just to mention only the most important features characterising these products. The high quality muntin bars 2000, the classic models ’76 and the innovate versions ’76 ECO complement one another to create a range that offers the right solution for every type of application.

An overview of data and facts

DESIGNTEC contains the two innovative product families Muntin Bar 2000 und ECO Muntin Bar as well as the quite unique decorative bar. They were synchronised and harmonised with one another to such an extent that all requirements in the muntin bar window and artistic glazing segment can be satisfied. This results in excellent properties for all three product families and elements that are available for the interconnection and the edge seal.

Essential features and benefits

  • Excellent processing ensured by the material selection, shaping and finishing
  • Completely closed, stable weld seam thanks to the high frequency welding technology and assured by electronic weld seam controls
  • High vibration stability due to reduced weight
  • Tightly fitting connections
  • Low tolerances for the contour and wall thicknesses to enable trouble-free processing with a high-quality standard
  • Perfect for use on all conventional muntin bar processing machinery and equipment
  • Reliable prevention of fogging in the coating area due to baking temperatures above 230 °C (446 °F)
  • The entire RAL and Eloxal colour tones are available on request as special colours (Minimum order quantities may apply)
  • Muntin bars can even be uniquely supplied in two colours
  • Certification: comprehensive testing and certifications ensure that all relevant quality requirements, safety standards and customer demands are satisfied

Decorative muntin bars

Delivery Programme

8 x 1,5 mm


Standard Colours

Pure white Lead
RAL 9010 5105
Gold Silver
E6 /EV3 geglänzt  

More colours on request

ECO muntin bar

Delivery programme

18 x 8 mm 26 x 8 mm 45 x 8 mm

Other dimensions on request

Standard colours

Pure white
RAL 9010

More colours on request

Muntin Bar 2000

Delivery Programme

18 x 8 mm 26 x 8 mm 45 x 8 mm

Other dimensions on request

Standard Colours

Pure white Rustic oak Golden oak
RAL 9010    
Bog oak Mahogany  

Colour combination (different colours for front / back) possible

Packing and Delivery

  • Profile lengths of 4 m, 5 m and 6 m, other lengths available on request
  • Customer-individual dispatch (from inexpensive standard transportation to air freight shipments)
  • Stackable packaging in a container / box / crate, collared
  • Required transport documentation and necessary delivery coding as per INCOTERMS
  • Short and flexible delivery periods