HELIMA – Innovation is our DNA

We were pioneers in the 90s for stainless steel profiles – today we are more than ever focussed on the sustainability and environmental compatibility of our products

HELIMA set the standard in Europe for insulating glazing with the design and set-up of its own unique manufacturing process for aluminium spacer bars. Because of our expertise in developing our products and techniques, we led in the progress of the successful application of stainless steel spacers, a material that could meet the ever-demanding
requirements placed on the thermal insulation properties of windows and facades.

The next and newest generation of HELIMA spacer bars – represented by the NOVITEC product line – will exceedingly satisfy the highest standards prevailing for warm edge products.

Planners, architects and consumers are increasingly focusing on the environmental compatibility and sustainability of construction elements. HELIMA demonstrates an option for meeting these requirements with its NOVITEC “Primus” spacer bar. To create this product, a stainless-steel profile was combined with a biopolymer for the first time.

A combination which not only leads to outstanding insulating properties and excellent rigidity of the bar, but also offers great durability. Moreover, the biopolymer is fully recyclable and the synthetic material content is 100 % biodegradable.

How everthing started

Company History



by Helmut Lingemann in Wuppertal



of an “insertable” profile connection out of aluminium


First industrial production

of inner sash bars



of the coil coating production line



of the first stainless steel spacer bar profile


Commencement of warm edge product development



by Solvesta AG and foundation of HELIMA GmbH


Market launch of NOVITEC

 warm edge profiles

Employees + know-how = Future


Anyone wishing to maintain its leading role worldwide in very competitive markets needs to be innovative and flexible. A highly qualified development team is therefore constantly searching for options to further optimise manufacturing processes, products and services.

Our demands on the quality of HELIMA products are so high that we mainly have to produce on machinery that is developed in-house to meet our stringent requirements.

Our quality requirements are also evidenced by our intricate coil coating process for painting our spacers. This unique process allows us to provide insulting glass profiles with a diverse colour selection that also guarantees that none of the desiccant holers are blocked. This process also allows us to offer custom colours to satisfy any special requirements our customers may have.

Mitarbeiter + Know-how = Zukunft