The Spacer Bar made of Stainless Steel

Tradition and development combined in a quality product


Spacer Bar made of Stainless Steel

A warm edge solution from the technology Leader: insulating glazing out of stainless steel

The NIROTEC series by HELIMA has been a proven solution for warm edge insulating glazing for decades – out of stainless steel, a product that is stable and very rigid. The lower thermal conductivity in comparison to aluminium increases the
temperature on the room-side glass edge by up to 8 °C, something which minimizes mould favouring condensation as well as expensive energy losses.

NIROTEC stainless steel spacer bars are permanently UV resistant. Depending on the design of the perforation, they are suitable for the prefilling or post-filling of the frames with a molecular sieve. NIROTEC stainless steel spacer bars are ideal for the manufacture of gas-filled silicone edge sealed units.

An overview of data and facts

  • Reduced energy losses: temperature increase at the glass / frame edge seal of up to 8 °C (46 °F); the formation of
    condensation around the edge is thereby significantly reduced
  • Low production tolerances for the profile dimensions: manufacturing implemented with digital measuring instruments along with statistical process controls (SPC)
  • Surface quality: suitable for the application of conventional sealants
  • Processing (bending): the most “bendable” spacer on the market.

This is achieved through theuse of specific raw materials as well as the continual monitoring and control of the manufacturing parameters

  • Perforation (diffusion openings): the profiles are suitable for pre-filling or post-filling with drying agents
  • Weld seam quality: absolutely closed, gas-impermeable weld seam thanks to laser welding technology; any undesired sources of error are eliminated by the integrated current testing systems
  • Fogging: avoided by baking

temperatures above 230 °C (446 °F), prevent formation of mould and condensation

  • Cleanliness and coating colour / paint free: secure sealing of the butyl flanks
  • Customer-specific products: individual colour and surface finishes using the company’s own coil coating facility
  • Certification: comprehensive testing and certifications ensure that all relevant quality requirements, safety standards and customer demands are satisfied.

Widths Available

H 6,6 mm
A SZR 8 mm SZR 10 mm SZR 12 mm
SZR 14 mm SZR 15 mm SZR 16 mm
SZR 18 mm SZR 20 mm  

More sizes on request

Standard Colours

Blank Pure white Black (matt)
  RAL 9010 RAL 9005

More colours on request

User Benefits

  • A comprehensive programme of practical dimensions
  • Individual special dimensions can be easily implemented
  • The range of standard colours as well as special colours (all RAL colour tones) can beimplemented on request (Minimum order quantity may apply)
  • Easy to process on all bending equipment and machinery available for stainless steel spacer bars
  • Highly productive insulating glass manufacture with exact fitting connecting connectors
  • HELIMA long-term delivery and system warranty

Packing and delivery

  • Profile lengths of spacer bars 6 m, other lengths available on request
  • Stackable packaging in a container / box / crate, collared
  • Customer-individual dispatch (from inexpensive standard transportation to air freight shipments)
  • Transport documentation and necessary delivery coding as per INCOTERMS
  • Short and flexible delivery periods