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In our factory in Wuppertal, we have been producing high quality spacer and muntin bars for the glass and window industry since 1949: Quality made in Germany.

In the early 90‘s, we recognized, as pioneers in the production of aluminum spacers, the demand for action to reduce thermal conductivity using spacers with a glass edge seal. This resulted in the first warm-edge spacer in stainless steel in 1995.
Through the continuous development of stainless steel processing, we are the technological leader in producing stainless steel spacers today. In our opinion, this is the best warm-edge product on the market: Eco-friendly, dimension and UV stable, even in the most difficult conditions, visually attractive, and perfect to work with!

The experience we have gathered over decades and the long-term “know how” of our highly qualified employees ensures the best quality and satisfaction for our customers. Due to the demanding specifications and resulting processing characteristics on the roll forming machines of the raw material coil of the aluminum and stainless steel materials, our bars are a long-term guarantee for success and to reduce your warranty risks.

Using our unique coil-coating process on our especially developed strip coating line, we have provided over the years, an outstanding quality in the field of colored spacer and muntin bars.
We split the coils to exactly the needed widths on our own splitting line, in order to manufacture our products on our 9 roll forming lines with the lowest tolerance values in the market.

Being able to make our own tools allows us to react quickly to your individual requirements and to find the perfect solution for you. Naturally, you can order the various necessary accessory parts quickly and easily, whether they are connectors and corner angles for spacer or the range of connecting elements for our exclusive muntin bars.

HERE you will find an overview of our wide-ranging products. In case you are unable to find the right product for your requirements, please get in touch with us. We make your wishes our challenge and will be happy to find a satisfactory solution together with you. Our EDP-aided warehouse system enables quick delivery and custom making of various products for you.

We are looking forward to becoming your partner!




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