Our Products

Here you will find an overview of our diverse product range. Should you ever not find the right product for your requirements, please contact us. We make your requirement our challenge and will be happy to find a satisfactory solution together with you. 


Aluminum spacer bars: standard or custom made:
a wide range of products and with all our experience.

There are years of HELIMA experience behind the development of aluminum spacers.

Whether as the bendable standard-profile or custom made for special requirements, we offer our customers a high quality modular design for all individual applications.


Stainless steel spacers:
Our reliable and eco-friendly warm-edge solution

In the early 90‘s, we recognized, as pioneers in the production of aluminum spacers, the demand for action to
reduce thermal conductivity using spacer bars with a glass edge seal. This resulted in the first warm-edge spacer
in stainless steel in 1995.


Our wide-ranging choice of muntin bars are in many sizes and colors. Let your creativity go wild!

We enable you to access unique design solutions with the range DESIGNTEC for windows with muntin bars –
which today are in demand more than ever:
Traditional or modern – endless individuality which will satisfy all wishes; style and grace without compromising quality and functionality.


Connectors, corner angles, bar intersections and more – always perfectly connected

We have what you need to produce the best possible solutions and have developed a comprehensive modular system of optimally suitable accessories.
A matter of course for us:
First class adaptability, value retaining, long lasting, highly flexible application. That way you can access an all-around system solution, which has an excellent manufacturing service and can be safely relied upon.