Connectors, corner angles, bar intersections and more – always perfectly connected

We have what you need to produce the best possible solutions and have developed a comprehensive modular system of optimally suitable accessories.
A matter of course for us:
First class adaptability, value retaining, long lasting, highly flexible application. That way you can access an all-around system solution, which has an excellent manufacturing service and can be safely relied upon.

Your Advantages

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  • Machine or manual processing

  • Usable in all production facilities

  • Guaranteed for unproblematic adaptability to your system

  • Easy handling

  • High dimensional tolerances

  • High retaining forces

  • 100% avoidance of granule loss with straight connectors and corner connectors

  • Straight connectors with granule outlet or stop

  • Adaptability for every application because of the large variety of products

  • Individual packaging units

  • Spacers are pre-assembled
    on request
  • For every use, a perfect solution

Our Product Range

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HERE you will find our entire delivery program of spacer connectors.
HERE you will find our entire delivery program of muntin bar connectors.