Aluminum spacers: standard or custom-made:
in great variety and with all our experience

HELIMA has decades of experience in aluminum spacers.

Whether as a bendable standard profile, as a customized development for special requirements, for the plug-in area or specially pre-treated for use in the model area: We offer our customers a high-quality modular system for all individual applications.

Our Product

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  • Tightest manufacturing tolerances in measuring profiles

Security through digital measuring devices when using statistical
process control

  • Surface condition

Suitable for use with all customary sealants

  • Processability

Bendability through selective use of raw materials, as well as continual steering and control of the manufacturing parameters

  • Perforation openings (diffusion openings)

The profiles are suitable for downstream/upstream filling
with desiccate

  • No worry of Fogging with our
    colored products

All volatiles baked off at temperatures of over 230 degrees C

  • Shoulders are clean and free of coloring

Secure sealing of the butyl flanks

  • Custom made products

Individual color and surface coating using our own
coil-coating process

  • Certification

Meeting all relevant quality specifications, safety standards, as well as customer demands is ensured by comprehensive tests and QC certification

Your Advantages

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  • Rigidity of large spacer frames

Our high frequency weld adds to the rigidity of this product. This should help you in both handling on a butyl extruder and frame placement to maintain your siteline specifications – no more pulling the frame of the glass and cleaning up
the butyl due to sagging spacer.

  • Straight steel connector fit to the spacer

All HELIMA sizes are in millimeters closest to the fraction requested. Straight steel connectors are all made to fit millimeter sizes. This means a very tight fit with no pull apart while butyling or handling. Fraction spacers can be too tight or too loose.

  • Straightness and no twist

HELIMA spacers are made on our own rollformers built in-house. These are very expensive rollformers compared to competitive machines. We form with many stations. This means we control tolerances and eliminate any bow or twist in the spacer length.
This helps everywhere from the automated desiccant filler eyes to trailing edge errors on the bender

  • Virgin alloy aluminum

Competitive products are recycled aluminum. Virgin alloy means we can specify elongation and tensile strength properties that are not possible with recycled
metal. This means we bend much better with true 90-degree bends for true
rectangular shapes.
The most bendable spacer on the market!

  • High frequency weld

We melt the aluminum and fuse the metal back together. The weld on the back side is stronger than the aluminum itself. No more seam splitting on top of the spacer when bending, drilling or punching for muntins.

Our Product Range

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HERE you will find our complete delivery program of the AluTec line. In addition, HERE you will find an overview of the delivery program of connectors for the AluTec line.