Our wide-ranging choice of muntin bars are in many sizes and colors. Let your creativity go wild!

We enable you to access unique design solutions with the range DESIGNTEC for windows with muntin bars –
which today are in demand more than ever:
Traditional or modern – endless individuality which will satisfy all wishes; style and grace without compromising quality and functionality.
Because DESIGNTEC are quality products that ensure a long lasting value: excellent manufacture, high stability, and visual consistency over many years. With this product you will have an attractive product range which will also offer new opportunities in interesting new markets.

DESIGNTEC covers three product families:
Sprosse 2000, unique muntin bars for decorative glazing with our patented connectors and also our Duplex Series. They are matched in a way that will fulfill all requirements for both glazing bar windows and decorative glazing.
The product families and elements available to order for the connectors as well as for the edge seal, are the result of excellent material properties.

Our Product

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  • Excellent production based on material selection, molding,

  • Completely closed, stable weld seam guaranteed by high frequency welding technique and
    electronic welding technique

  • High vibrational stability while also reducing weight

  • Grid connections

  • Tightest production tolerances for high quality workmanship

  • Perfect to use with all known glazing bar milling machines

  • No fogging in the coating area due to volatiles baked off at temperatures of 230° C

  • Special colors available to on request (the whole RAL and eloxal color range deliverable)

  • Two-color muntin bars can be delivered

Your Advantages

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  • A comprehensive program of practice-oriented, dimensioned muntin bars

  • Special sizes are available upon request

  • Individual bar frame production with precisely fitted connecting elements

  • HELIMA long-term delivery and system guarantee

  • Best UV resistance

  • Best quality to minimize customer complaints

  • Individual color design

  • No fogging, no volatile component

Our Product Range

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HERE you will find our complete delivery program of the DesignTec line. In addition, HERE you will find an overview of the delivery program of connectors for the DesignTec line.