Stainless steel spacers:
our proven and environmentally friendly warm-edge solution

Once a pioneer in the manufacture of aluminum spacers, we recognized the need for action to reduce the thermal conductivity of spacers in glass laminates as early as the early 1990s. The result was the first warm-edge spacer made of stainless steel as early as 1995.

Due to the permanent further development of stainless steel processing, we are now the technology leader in the production of stainless steel spacers.

In our opinion, this is the best warm-edge product on the market: environmentally friendly, dimensionally and UV stable even under the most difficult conditions, visually appealing and perfect to process!

Stainless steel also has a significantly lower thermal expansion than, for example, plastic. This makes our stainless steel spacers particularly suitable for large insulating glass panes in regions where heat stress and UV exposure are especially high. The high stability of the edge seal significantly minimizes warranty risks for our customers.

Our Product

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  • Reduced loss of energy

Increase in temperature up to about 8° C on the glass-frame-edge seal, thereby noticeably reducing condensation resistance in the edge region

  • Processability

Bendability through selective use of raw materials, as well as continual steering and control of the manufacturing parameters

  • Custom made product

Individual color and surface coating using our own
coil-coating process

  • Tightest manufacturing tolerances in measuring profiles

security through digital measuring devices when using statistical process control (SPC)

  • Perforation openings (diffusion openings)

The profiles are suitable for downstream/upstream filling with desiccate

  • Weld seam method

Completely closed solid weld down entire length of bar, gas impervious due to high frequency welding technique. Any weld errors are avoided by means of integrated eddy-current test technologies

  • Surface condition

suitable for use with all customary sealants

  • No worry of Fogging with our colored products

All volatiles baked off at temperatures of over 230 degrees C

  • Shoulders are clean and free of coloring

secure sealing of the butyl flanks

Your Advantages

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  • Available in all colors with our patented pre-painted coil system. Standard colors: Black, White
  • The 0.08” wall thickness product is extremely rigid which makes for easy frame sightline placement
  • Shoulder height is large enough to desiccant fill on an automated system instead of creating a hole on the sealant side of the spacer
  • Solid Laser Weld. Most laser weld products have a stitch or spot type weld. HELIMA’s laser weld is solid line on the shoulder of the spacer. Very rigid and no weld splitting when bending

Our Product Range

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HERE you will find our complete delivery program of the NiroTec line. In addition, HERE you will find an overview of the delivery program of connectors for the NiroTec line.